COVID-19 donations will go towards the World Health Organization's global response to COVID-19.

Who will use funds to help track and understand the spread of the virus, ensure patients get the care they need, and frontline workers to receive essential supplies and information and accelerate research and development of a vaccine and treatments for all in need.  Additionally, donations will support the resources to protect everyone and anyone against the virus (such as masks).

Eric Beasley is a strong supporter of BLM and supports in any way possible black lives to form a more perfect future.

BLM donations will go toward movements and resources for black communities (not to BLM foundations).

Funds will be used for protest, support for victims of police brutality and their families, resources for black communities,  and black-owned businesses. 

Most importantly donations will be used to fund resources for young black men and women... they are the future.


Eric Beasley addresses the full cancer continuum globally through funding research and treatment.
Funds will be used to further funding for cancer treatment and research.
Funds will also support and help the American Cancer Society support referral hospitals where cancer is currently addressed and to reach measurable results in countries where Ministries of Health, hospitals, and civil society partners can make the most significant impact.