Can I Change or Cancel my Order

You’ll need to enter your order number (from your Order Confirmation email) along with the email address you used to place the order.

Additionally, you can access your Orders page any time simply by signing into your 3B Lifestyle profile and clicking on “Orders” above account information, or “Order Status” under the “3B Lifestyle Shop” tab at the bottom of account information.

Once on the Orders page, select the order you want to cancel and click the “CANCEL” button. If its been longer than a week since you placed the order and you are no longer able to cancel or refund it.  All cancelled orders are refunded upon request.

But don’t worry—after the order arrives you may return it free of charge for any reason within 30 days.

A custom order can not be returned.

Yes, you have the ability to both changes and cancel your Eric Beasley order, if you act fast. Whether you’re looking to change the size, color, or quantity depending on the product – or if you just want to cancel and start over – you can do so up to 2-hours after you place your order.

To make changes, and if it’s during business hours, you’ll have to contact us. (Please note, however, we cannot change shipping addresses) Your other option for modifying an order is to simply cancel the original order and place a new one.

To cancel an order, and it’s within the 30-minute window, you’ll need to visit your Orders status page and can do so by clicking the button below.